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These bookmarks are for people who will visit Istanbul. Travel services, food places and many recommended service providers will be listed below.

We will cover not only the Istanbul case but also the transportation case as a topic. We inspected the transportation topic from a global perspective. We hope that it will be helpful for travelers or people who are going to visit Istanbul.

The ways of transporting people or goods. All the options below require a different tech stack and environment. Some are for moving people, and some are for goods.

  1. Water Transportation:
  2. Air Transportation
  3. Land Transportation

Transportation from Istanbul Airport (IST)

Because Istanbul has a new airport, airport transportation options are currently limited.

Private Transfer Companies

There are many private transfer companies listed below. They provide private transfer service in thee city with a private chauffeur and also airport pick-up services from Istanbul airport or Sabiha Gokcen airport.

  • Istanbul Private Transfer Expert: Despite being a new company, the guys are very skilled. They provide Istanbul airport pick-up service as well as private city transfers.
  • Istanbul Cruise Port Transfer: Istanbul's new cruise port will be opened soon. The new cruise port of Istanbul, as known as Galataport Istanbul, is expected to be visited more than 7 million visitors per year. If you are looking for a private cruise port transfer service between airports and the cruise port, this can be chosen.
  • Private Transfer Istanbul: Private transfer Istanbul is a new website for an experienced company.

Havaist Shuttle Bus

Havaist is a shuttle service that costs you around 30 TL. You can only leave the shuttle bus on pre-defined destinations. It has more than 30 pre-defined destinations. It is one of the most economical transportation ways from Istanbul Airport. If you download the mobile apps, you can learn the schedule. Moreover, you can pay the ticket on the app. 

Public Transport

The official public bus service of Istanbul is IETT. It is the cheapest transfer option. If you are planning to make Istanbul travel economical, you should get an Istanbul Card. It is a contactless card that you can deposit money in more than 2000 points. It is valid for nearly all public transportation cases. You can use it by tram, subway, bus, ferry, etc.

Things you can do in Turkey
Things you can do in Turkey

The Things You Can Do in Turkey

This is a website I highly recommend for people not only for travelers but also for local people. I think the project mostly maintained by the ministry. You will find a very rich list which includes

You can also check Turkey Travel Guide.

Food Places in Istanbul City Center (Taksim)

  • Fıccın Restaurant: Run by two distinguished sisters, this restaurant is one of the favorite restaurants of those working in the Beyoğlu region.
  • Nizam Pide: Nizam is a restaurant that serves local Turkish and Anatolian cuisine. Their milk desserts are just as delicious as their kebabs.

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